Board of Directors

Say The F Word is led by a team of talented and diverse board members who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. They share a vision and feel the need to create social change and create a more even playing field for women. They selflessly contribute their time, talent, and energy to changing the conversation about feminism.

Sara Locke, President

Chief Travel Guru –

Emma Carole-Paradis, Vice-President

Owner & Creative Director – Impeccable Nest

Dawn Worsley, Board Member

Attorney – Law Office of Dawn E. Worsley

David Locke, Board Member

Director, Client Services – Thumbtack Worldwide Travel

Open Positions

We’re looking for board members who share our vision and want to make a difference.

About The Organization

Feminist is not a bad word. Women have been trained from a young age to believe that it is. Women have heard that feminists are man-haters, bitchy and whiny. Some women even believe that. It’s our mission to teach our daughters, and grown women, that’s not the truth. By empowering each other, we empower all women. By taking a stand together, we can change the world. Together, we can fight for more. Together, we can stand taller. Together, we can live better.

Purpose Of Board Members

  • To serve as an active voting member of the legally constituted volunteer group which has authority and responsibility for the development of policies and continuing review of the conduct of the business of Say The F Word, Inc.
  • To raise funds in support of the organization’s conduct of the programs of Say The F Word, Inc.


Board members serve a two year term, subject to re-election.


  • Willing to accept and promote the mission, goals and objectives of Say The F Word, Inc.
  • Possesses professional expertise and influence needed by Say The F Word, Inc. and/or represents one or more constituencies needed to provide balance to the Board’s membership.
  • Has demonstrated significant leadership capability in the community and is willing to provide that expertise to the operation of the Board and its committees.
  • Willing to make a personal financial contribution at a level that demonstrates commitment and sets a standard for others and is willing to ask others to give.
  • Able and willing to serve effectively as a public representative of the organization and involve others in the work of Say The F Word, Inc.

Current Openings

Apply For Consideration

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