The F-ing Mission:

Empower and inspire women to fight for more, to create a better world to live, work and succeed in.
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We’re here to change the dialogue.

The word feminist has a lot of negative connotations associated with it. Is there any better evidence of rampant gender-bias than the fact that a descriptor of women who want equal footing is viewed in a negative light? The current conversation has created a society where women themselves choose not to identify themselves as feminists – women are choosing not to be associated with fighting for their own equality. Women are afraid to drop the F-bomb in the office for fear of perception. Feminists are currently in a two way battle: not only are we seeking equal ground to stand on, but we first have to prove that ground exists in the first place.

We have to confront the bias that lends itself to the perception that feminist is a bad word – and we have to start with those who don’t see the rampant bias to begin with.

We’re all about those tough conversations.

Most people aren’t eager to identify themselves as biased – and most people, at their core, aren’t biased… but they have biases. To change the conversation, we have to have some tough ones. As women, we need to speak up. We need to speak directly and confidently to identify the biases that present themselves. We need to stand tall and say it’s not okay and we need to support each other as we do so.

Bias will persist if it is allowed to. Silence and complicity are what bias thrives on – it is time to stop allowing that.

Behind every strong woman is a Tribe of women who have her back.

Our mission is to raise women’s voices loud enough to create change and and build a network of supportive women to have each others backs.

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