We all have a story to tell.

We want you to scream from the rooftops… But if that’s not your thing, you can just tell your story here. Please read the following guidelines thoroughly for important information to keep in mind when submitting your story here or via email. Submissions are open to all women – you don’t need to be a published blogger to tell your story here.

Guidelines For Submitting Your Story:

As a general rule, we’re not about to silence your voice. That said, to maintain our mission we have created some guidelines on the stories we publish on our blog.

View our 2017 editorial theme calendar.

Length: Try to keep your submission somewhat brief. We’re looking for quick reads for women on the go, so optimal length is 500-750 words. If you have a longer story to share, we prefer that you submit it via email as an editable word doc.

Tone: We are not in the business of policing your tone. Voicing your concerns, telling your stories and otherwise raising your voice will never get you called bossy, bitchy, aggressive or a man-hater around these parts… Unless you are actually mean. Insults, attacks on persons (male or female), racism, and any form of discrimination will not be published.

When telling your story, if there’s a chance that it may cast an unfavorable and damaging light on a specific person, public figure or company we ask that you minimize the identifying details and change names – both for your protection, and ours. By submitting your story, you agree that we are not responsible for any legal claims, defamation or otherwise, arising from your story.

Subject matter: There are so many stories. If you are looking for inspiration, take a peek at our editorial calendar to see the themes we’ll be working with each month – but these are only our backend guidelines for topics. If your story doesn’t fit in these themes, tell it anyway. We want authenticity. We want real life. We want your story.

Identifying Information: Along with the notes under tone, please don’t share another woman’s story without her consent. If it relates to your story, please remove all identifying information from others involved. Every woman has control over her own voice and her own story – don’t cross that line.

About you: We ask for a quick bio below to publish with your story. Don’t be stressed – we don’t need your life story or resume. We just want a little background to show you’re a real person, with a real story. Don’t put any information here that you don’t want publicly posted.

Get social: Feel free to provide links to your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc if you want others to be able to connect with you. This is completely optional.

The editors at SayTheFWord.org reserve the right to edit all submissions for content, length, removal of identifying information, and other changes. By submitting your story, you grant permission to SayTheFWord.org and A Tribe Called Women to publish your words, and your identifying information as provided below, in print or by any electronic means, including, but not limited to, websites, social media, email, print publications and marketing materials.

By submitting your story below or via email you agree that all rights to copyright infringement are released. You also agree that this material is original content and release SayTheFWord.org and A Tribe Called Women from any liability for legal claims, copyright or other, arising from publishing your story.

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